To time. To flux. (2012) projection based installation.:  35mm slides, external suspended optical lenses, weights, electric fans


To Time. To Flux intertwines imagery associated with clocks, and time measuring devices, in the form of chains and weights. Photographic images are selected, projected as collage, and systematically de-focused. Small elements of the chosen images are then refocused via external magnifying lenses hung externally from the projectors. A sense of time-disruption is created through the use of electric fans, which add small directional movements to the external magnifying lenses, unlocking the photographic imagery from its original static format.

The imagery I select has an iconographic quality, but is not explicitly religious. Instead I use images of  technology, or more specifically  the technologies of warfare. I montage these images together in such a way that it is difficult to isolate their true meaning. Instead of the soldiers, missiles and explosions that are contained in the majority of the chosen images, the viewer is more likely the observe a dream-scape or a phantasmagoria of deception.

This is perhaps quite appropriate, given that the images are now placed in close proximity to one another, and have partially blurred, with only hints of the original meaning coming forth. These photographs no longer adhere to notions of optical truth. Instead they have become part of a low-tech. magic show, and it is possible to observe every element of the deception.