Have We Been Here Before? / We've Been Here before - Installation - Suspended cutouts and projections


“shadows ... represent life and death,, substance and nothingness, soul and demon something foundational and yet something distracting”. *


A shadow is an imperfect duplicate. They are cast by an object, but do not necessarily look like the object that cast them. They appear as a void or an absence, twisted and distorted from their original form. They bridge the gap between real and unreal worlds, and are associated with falsity, illusion and the stuff of childhood nightmares . Things lurk in shadows and you cannot grasp them.



* William Chapman Sharpe, Grasping Shadows: The Dark Side of Literature, Painting, Photography and Film.

This work was specially created for the exhibition Umbra Sumus, Walcot Chapel, Bath 2018.

Have We Been Here Before?/ We've Been Here Before - Projected installation (2018)